CopterPix Drones are do-it-all, any condition, rain, hail or shine, heavy-lifting, proven w/ thousands hours of extreme flights, long-endurance, customized for the client drones.

CopterPIX solves complex challenges through its technology & engineering advantages to provide real-world, field-tested drone solutions that can be used for ANY application imaginable. Already used by militaries and defense departments globally.

Our Representatives

Igal Yarmolinsky

VP of Sales, CopterPIX Ltd.

VP of Sales

CopterPIX Ltd.

CopterPIX is a drone manufacturer based on opened Framework with ease of integration to ANY 3rd party application - hardware and Software. Our customers are the Israeli MoD - including th...

Company's Solutions

Copterpix’s CPX open framework (hardware and software) enables End-to-End Multi-Rotor Drone Solutions. Our state-of-the-art multi-purpose / dual use drones are tailor-made per the customers’ specifications and provides outstanding performance; at least 30% longer flight time / more distance covered / heavier payload than ANY other commercial drone in the market.

The CPX opened framework enable fast & easy integration with ANY 3rd party hardware or software.
Our drones were chosen by the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) as the standard tactic and multi-purpose drones.

We specialize in 4 domains:

  1. Hybrid multi-rotor drones for Long endurance inspection missions of up to 7 (!) hours and 200Km (like Oil & Gas pipeline inspection, high voltage electrical power lines, or covert long distance missions).
  2. Inspection and multipurpose multi-rotor drone up to 25Kg total take off weight for example boarder patrols, Sea Port patrols into the sea, etc...
  3. Micro drones (150-300 grams drone) - for patrolling of up to 5Km of fence or 10 Square km site (for example: Army bases, Power station, Universities, closed communities, huge warehouses, Prisons, etc...)
  4. CPX open framework to convert ANY device to a custom-made flying device.

We have great reference with IDF and all the special forces units. Our drones are combat proven.

Prominent Case Study

Inspection of Oil and/or Gas VERY long pipelines is done today by airplanes or vehicles & lot of manpower - we are doing this with our Hybrid drones that can fly VERY long distance carry the specific cameras needed for the inspection which in overall cost fraction of the current existing solutions for same work to be done & all online.