Magna observation system provides automatic detection on dynamic & static objects –trace and smuggling, and high velocity targets like tennis balls, hockey pucks, and rockets, as well as providing 360° drone protection.

Depth perception, notifying about the size and distance of an object, enable 3D image processing in less than a second, delivering 100% reliable target detection and recognition (Magna patent)

Our Representatives

Levy Zruya

CTO, Magna BSP Ltd


Magna BSP Ltd

Gideon Rosen

Sales & Marketing, Magna BSP Ltd

Sales & Marketing

Magna BSP Ltd

Company's Solutions

  • World leader in Smart Automatic Observation and Surveillance systems
  • A unique sophisticated Video Analytics combining AI and stereoscopy
  • Observation and Surveillance systems for:
  • Military: Border protection and Camp perimeter security, Drone detection
  • HLS: Critical infrastructure protection, nuclear power plan, airport, seaport, intruder detection and smuggling, swimmers, drone detection
  • Software develops A.I. and Deep Learning: to customer requirements:
  • different cameras type: thermal imaging, visible, scanning cameras, drone payload
  • human behavior, suspicious movement at crowded aera
  • transportation control, counting cars, traffic control
  • autonomous cars (ADAS)
  • railroad safety and maintenance

Prominent Case Study

Magna BSP observation system based on cameras and video analytics is the only and exclusive system for protecting Israel's borders and Intruders Detection, the systems are install along the Israel borders: Desert border, Mountain border, Sea side border, Air border (small drones) and Urban border.

The systems are installed along Israel's borders and at strategic sites in the world for intruder detection