El-Far Electronics Systems is a global company that develops and produces advanced perimeter security technologies and delivers integrated solutions that meet the full spectrum of security challenges found at military and civilian facilities around the world.

The company’s field-proven solutions incorporate all facets of intruder detection, recognition, and perimeter protection technologies.

Our Representatives

Shmuel Agmon

Marketing Manager, El-Far Electronics

Marketing Manager

El-Far Electronics

Company's Solutions

El-Far delivers integrated intrusion detection and protection solutions that include:

  • Smart fencing solutions
  • Command and control software
  • Perimeter infrastructure
  • Design & Engineering of the Adequate Security Solution
  • Site Survey and Threat Analysis 
  • Supply of High-End Technologies and Security Systems
  • Installation and Deployment
  • On-site Training of Security Personnel on Installation, Operation & Maintenance
  • Systems Integration
  • Technical Support, Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Test field and Laboratory services

EL-FAR’s Perimeter Protection Systems had undergone rigorous tests in radical environmental conditions and severe operational intrusion scenarios, successfully authorized and certified by the highest standards of international authorities, including:

  • Israeli MOD
  • MIL-STD -461F, MIL-STD-810F/G
  • UK Home Office
  • CE and FCC - EMI/RFI compatible
  • IEC/IECEE CB SCHAME- IEC 60950-1:2005/AMD2:2013, IEC 60950-22:2016
  • ATEX - Intrinsically Safe System Standard (IEC & EN 60079-25:2010)
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IEEE  802.1X protocol – Cyber Protection

Prominent Case Study

EL-FAR Case Studies of Perimeter Protection in Selected Seaports

Seaports are designated as critical infrastructure sites on a national level and require an adequate security level in perimeter protection and needed new and innovative security solutions that afforded greater system flexibility.

EL-FAR's systems met the security, safety, and environmental requirements and were deployed in two main ports in Africa as well as in naval bases to answer the requirement to control and monitor all possible access from the land-side perimeter.

The harbors are protected with El-Far Smart Fence PIDS an advanced system with an average perimeter of 5 Km. in each port. The El-far's vibration sensor system deployed along the perimeter fences provides a high level of security protection, successfully enduring high humidity and salinity conditions in the marine environment.

For both international commercial Ports, EL-FAR provided a full-scale perimeter protection solution, operating under El-Far Propriety InSite C&C Security Management Platform: The InSite application offers the port advanced innovative and customized software tools, embedded in the main security management system.

El-Far was involved in these projects from the initial stage and the SOW included the following stages:

  • Site Survey and Threat Analysis: in the ports in order to provide a site survey report in order to determine and define the civil works and the required infrastructure upgrade to meet the required security level.
  • Design & Engineering of the Adequate Security Solution: Based on the site survey El-Far designed the perimeter security solution plan the required BOQ and the resources that are required to execute the perimeter protection.
  • Perimeter Infrastructure: El-Far provided the perimeter fences. Containers with new welded mesh fence and concertina coil shipped to the ports in order to build a security fence that will meet the security level requirements.
  • Installation and Deployment: El-Far sent a fence infrastructure senior specialist to instruct and guide the local installation team and supervise the works all the way to delivery.
  • Supply of High-End Technologies Security System: The Smart Fence solution system is supplied according to the specifics of the site.
  • On-site Training of Security Personnel on Installation, Operation & Maintenance: Professional team of El-Far was sent to instruct and provide training to the local teams on how to install the perimeter intrusion detection system along the perimeter and to perform system activation and testing together with the local Security Personnel.

The Operational Values

Absolute Detection – The Smart Fence PIDS provides an absolute pinpointed detection of intrusion events along the perimeter fences, focused on the fence itself, indifferent to irrelevant objects in its range. In case of an installation on top of a wall, any attempt to break the wall in order to break in shall create an immediate alarm.

Exceptional Accuracy - Highest detection rate and exceptional detection resolution of ±3-10m of the entire protected perimeter

Quick Deployment & Installation - The system is easily and swiftly deployed along the perimeter fences, using and adapting to the existing infrastructure

Highly Experienced – EL-FAR has accumulated operational experience of over 20 years in delivering perimeter security systems and solutions in 35 countries over 5 continents, under diverse environmental conditions and operational requirements.

High Scalability - The system enables easy and elegant scalability by extending sensor lines and adding controllers to cover additional perimeters, as well as by adding different sensor types to allow for additional detection capabilities and increase security levels, using the same controllers.

High Adaptability - The system can be adapted and installed on a wide range of existing barriers (e.g., welded mesh/chain-link/metal bar fences, walls, concertina coils, etc.).