PrismaHedge™, our large-scale perimeter monitoring solution, is a game changer in the HLS domain, enabling smarter, safer, and more efficient operations. It accurately monitors civic and military perimeters for hundreds and thousands of kilometers in real-time, without installing additional sensors on the perimeter’s edge.

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Miki Shenkman

Prisma Photonics, Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics

Prisma Photonics is an Israeli Mature Startup established in 2017 with a world leading solution for perimeter security based on fiber optic sensing

Anna Frenkel

Marketing Manager, Prisma Photonics

Marketing Manager

Prisma Photonics

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How it works:

Prisma Photonics’ Hyper-Scan Fiber Sensing™ technology utilizes the existing optical fiber laid along perimeter critical infrastructure, turning it into a continuous acoustic sensor. Advanced mathematical algorithms and machine learning analyze the gathered data, resulting in a breakthrough technology that offers an unparalleled probability of detection while zeroing the false alarm rates.

The data quality is so high that the algorithmic engine can accurately classify events and not just detect unusual signals. This unprecedented level of data produces reliable alerts in real-time, with meters of accuracy while drastically reducing false-positive & negative alarm rates (FAR) and nuisance alarm rates (NAR) toward zero.

Use cases:

PrismaHedge identifies pedestrians nearing the perimeter, light or heavy vehicles approaching, mechanical and manual digging, suspicious activities around the fence, fence crossing, and animal/person distinction.

Main features:

  • Connects to any existing optical cable providing 24x7 monitoring
  • Offers a detailed, accurate, and invisible perimeter edge monitoring
  • Each unit cover 100km without any degradation
  • Zero false alarms, excellent PD, and extremely low nuisance alert rate
  • Effective on the installation day with a very fast and easy deployment
  • Reflecting a significant cost reduction in perimeter security

Prominent Case Study

Our platform, which improves sensitivity and features extraction by two orders of magnitude compared to the first generation of fiber sensing solutions, together with a novel approach to using AI, enables deploying fiber sensing as a stable, efficient, and reliable solution for real-time monitoring. It is also a robust tool for better, greener, and digitalized operations, allowing accuracy over vast distances.

Among our customers are the Israel Electric Company (IEC) and Israel Natural Gas Lines (INGL), both long-time partners and strategic investors in Prisma Photonics. It's not every day that two state-owned companies invest in the same company, and it represents an actual vote of confidence in our solutions. With award-winning technology, our critical infrastructure monitoring solutions for power, pipelines, perimeter, and other utilities have been granted the RedHerring HiRes-Europe 2021 Award, Frost & Sullivan 2020 Best Practices Award, and 2019 EU Utility Week Award, among others.

Founded in 2017 by an expert team with a proven track record of building and scaling companies in the lasers and deep-tech domain – Prisma Photonics enables response-ability at scale.