STI Holds Four Main Product Lines: The UVIS and GC detector systems are mature solutions with massive operational and field experience and have multiple clients around the world. The RWA and MIAD systems are under advanced R&D stage and being offered on a pre-sale level.

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Company's Solutions

SN Series: GC detection sensor (portable and desktop) which detects regular and improvised substances.
STI has developed a proprietary substance detector using a revolutionary gas chromatograph technology.
The collected vapors are presented to an extremely sensitive detector using a selective pre-concentration gas chromatograph and electron capture technology.

The unique system's design allows immediate analysis results with the capability to run multiple sequenced samples with practically no waiting time. The quick analysis results allow massive throughput needed in most security applications.

The system is designed for fast recovery after detection, allowing continuation of usage even after contamination. The detector is designed to detect both military standard and improvised substances without false alarms on common substances and holds registered patents in the US, Israel, Europe, India, Canada and others.

TI-S Series: UVIS (Under vehicle Inspection systems) The TI-S System by STI is designed specifically to scan the under carriage of vehicles with the full car data fusion for the presence of irregular objects or problems (tailor made solution can include, Exterior, Interior, Engine and safety systems).Objects may vary from safety and loss prevention to security, for DMV (department of motor vehicles), Car fleets and car rental, cross borders, secure facilities and prison compounds. The use of the system may be customized to the end user's needs or concept.

MIAD System (Maritime Intelligence Analysis & Detection system): Multi sensor solution with a flexible operational software (big data) allowing a massive throughput by a short and efficient inspection and detection of illicit materials, contraband and irregularities that are relevant for customs or might endanger homeland security in maritime ports containers.

RWA (Running Water Analysis System): a continuous on-line, real time VOCs (volatile organic compound) in water monitoring system. It operates automatically and unattended, providing reliable and real time measurements. This system is designed specifically for use in water flow applications where water must be continuously monitored, while concentration of VOCs from PPM to PPB is to be reported in real time and accurate process.

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