Canonic Security provides a SaaS Application Security platform that continuously profiles apps and user accounts, identifies suspicious or out-of-policy behavior, and automatically reduces the SaaS attack surface. The platform provides access intelligence and vulnerability insight, detects SaaS-native threats, and helps security teams respond quickly.

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Business Operations Ma..., Canonic Security

Business Operations Manager

Canonic Security

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Head of HR, Canonic Security

Head of HR

Canonic Security

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Threat Intelligence An..., Canonic Security

Threat Intelligence Analyst

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Company's Solutions

AppTotal: AppTotal is the industry’s first independent index of SaaS add-on and integration. More than a third of security enterprises have data access and more than 5% have at least one vulnerability exposing the organization to third-party risk. Canonic Security offers industry-first dynamic scanning technology for SaaS apps, which addresses the ever emerging threat landscape by offering AppTotal for free, as part of the company's ongoing strategic initiative to democratize enterprise SaaS security.

AppTotal API: Connected to AppTotal, the API layer enables security teams to automate and integrate Canonic App Access & Vulnerability Intelligence within their workflows as well as existing app vetting and governance processes. The result is increased productivity where employees can connect the apps they want to IT systems, without worrying about security. Security engineers, service providers and partners such as MDRs, MSSPs and security testing providers, get programmatic access to drive their own workflows, enabling improved efficiency and efficacy. AppTotal API can be used to enrich SaaS non-human identity information with context, threat intelligence and potential attack paths. It can also be used to build custom app vetting orchestration such as a Slack or drive a case management-based workflow through integration with Jira.

Prominent Case Study

  • App & Add-on Discovery: Gain full visibility over 1st, 2nd and 3rd Party apps and API integrations across your business application estate
  •  Posture Assessment: Uncover rogue and vulnerable apps, Assess each integration posture, behavior and, the risk involved with its API access
  • Attack Surface Reduction: Quarantine suspicious apps, reduce excessive and inappropriate privileges, revoke and block access if necessary
  • Access Governance: Enable app integrations by automating app-vetting and app access recertification processes