ObliMapper is an image-capturing, image-handling, and image analysis tool designed to combine the benefits of orthophoto with the rich detail of oblique images.

With just one press of a button, a user can create realistic 3D models.

With its 360-degree view of an area, ObliMapper transforms images into accurate, meaningful, and actionable visual intelligence.

No network connection required, High data security.

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Security projects cons..., Idan computers

Security projects consultant

Idan computers

Matti Carmel

Head of sales, Idan computers

Head of sales

Idan computers

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ObliMapper unique capabilities:

With just one press of a button, a user can create realistic 3D models; display accurate, corrected, orthorectified photographs (orthophotos); and produce data surface models (DSMs) of targeted areas from a drone’s images. Then, unique image analysis tools and specifically tailored mission-planning tools easily devise operational plans via terrain analysis, photo archive management, and accurate measurements.

ObliMapper combines orthophotos and 3D with oblique images to achieve the best view of a targeted area.

ObliCapture (Telem) flight software enables a user to plan a flight to effectively capture oblique and vertical images.

Prominent Case Study

The system is been use by Israel special forces Army/Police for the last 3 years.

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