XTEND provides revolutionary human-guided autonomous drone systems that allow operators to perform accurate maneuvers, in any environment with minimal training.

The company’s operating system (XOS) fuses human intelligence & machine autonomy to enhance the operator’s abilities and reduces physical risk.

Our Representatives

Shay Dvir

Sales Manager EU & ME, XTEND

Sales Manager EU & ME


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Guy Zuri

Director BD and Sales, XTEND

Director BD and Sales


Company's Solutions

XTEND’s Operating System (XOS):

All of XTEND’s systems are powered by XTEND’s patented operating system, XOS, and equipped with our patented Mark & Fly technology, which enables any operator - even those with zero flight experience – to perform various missions, such as breaching, outdoor-indoor close-quarters combat (CQB), surveillance and retransmission, IED detection & clearance, and enemy detection & engagement, in complex urban environments.

XTEND offers 3 main drones:

  1. Xtender – Micro tactical ISR System: The Xtender enables any operator, with zero flight experience, to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex indoor environments.
  2. Wolverine – Multi-mission UAS: A revolutionary multi-mission UAS that enables any operator with zero flight experience to perform accurate remote multi-mission tasks in complex environments. The Wolverine features a proprietary payload hub and onboard mission computer that allows the use of a wide variety of payloads, and multiple AI-driven applications. A combination of this technology and an integral robotic arm enables the operator to remotely interact and affect the environment with surgical precision pick & drop tasks, without any physical risk.
  3. Griffon - Counter-UAS: A counter-UAS system that enables any operator to kinetically intercept aerial threats using a resilient ultra-fast drone system.

Serving as a human extension, the system utilizes sophisticated VR and sensor fusion technology, allowing operators to perform vision-assisted, semi-automated interceptions and control a drone team that automatically launches when detecting aerial threats.

Prominent Case Study

Close-Quarters Battle Challenge:

Close-quarters battle (CQB) clearance is one of the most challenging tactical situations to obtain accurate situational awareness and risk assessment prior to sending soldiers into the situation:

  •  Current solutions fall short of providing accurate intel.
  •  Existing drone solutions require an expert drone specialist, who has undergone long training periods, however, not every army unit has this drone specialist, putting them at a higher risk for unexpected and dangerous scenarios.

XTEND’S Solution: The Xtender, XTEND’s Micro-tactical Indoor ISR System

  • The Xtender, provides soldiers with a fully remote, human-guided autonomous drone system, that enables them to obtain situational awareness of CQB clearance situations from a safe and remote location and make informative decisions based on the obtained intel.
  • The Xtender is powered by XOS, XTEND’s patented operating system, that transforms typically complex drone missions, into intuitive ones, and enables any operator to learn how to accurately and professionally operate a drone in a matter of days.
  • The Xtender can be paired with XTEND’s multi-mission drone system, the Wolverine, which can deliver the Xtender exactly to the CQB clearance mission’s location, further reducing the risk of soldiers’ lives.