Nirtal provides Security Consultancy & Services, Combat Training & Equipment for Governmental & Private Sector Companies including:

Law Enforcement & Military, Counter-Terror ,Intelligence, Executive protection.

NIRTAL is staffed by elite military, police, intelligence, security specialists & executive protection officers who possess invaluable expertise gained from real combat situations.

Our Representatives

Nir Shaul

Owner & Chairman, Nirtal Training

Owner & Chairman

Nirtal Training

Nirtal has been a Global Homeland Security Expert Provider Since 1995. Nirtal provides Security Consultancy & Services, Combat Training & Equipment for Governmental &Private Sector Compa...

Dana Cohen

Marketing Consultant, NIRTAL

Marketing Consultant


i am a Retired IDF Officer which is currently engaged in the field of business and strategic consulting. our company provides Security Training and Security Consulting and tactical gear.

Company's Solutions

Combat Training for:

Military, Law Enforcement, intelligence, commercial &Private Sector.

  • Security Consultation, Analysis & review.
  • Facility Protection & Executive Protection
  • Full security plan & design for any Infrastructure.
  • Officers & security management training.
  • Acquisition & Provision of equipment & technologies
  • Executive and VIP Protection
  • Facility Protection

governmental facilities, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, oil & gas facilities

  • Events Security
  • Border Guards
  • Accompanying of Groups

We can secure any event or facility such as:

  • Office Buildings
  • Construction Sites
  • Retail Operations
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Apartment and Retirement Complexes
  • Banks
  • Government facilities
  • Industrial/Manufacturing Facilities
  • Transportation facilities
  • Hotels / resorts
  • Special Events

Intelligence & Cyber

  • Basic Intelligence and Threat Analysis Course
  • OSINT training
  • HUMINT Course
  • SIGINT training
  • Critical Thinking and Analytic Methods
  • Foundations in Intelligence Analysis Training
  • Analyst Training
  • Terrorism Intelligence Analysis
  • Surveillance (VISINT)
  • Preventive intelligence
  • Investigation unit & techniques

Prominent Case Study


  • 2009-Kenya - Crisis Management & Security Seminar
  • 2016-Congo Counter Terror Infantry Combat Commando Battalion
  • 2012-Ghanathe new president VIP protection unit
  • 2014-West Africa ,VIP training course for state federal police
  • West Africa – Security survey Presidential Inauguration ceremony.

National Rescue unit (Military)

  • Kazakhstan- VIP presidential l protection unit
  • Denmark - executive protection course
  • Brazil -Executive Protection Course
  • U.S.A. - Counter Terrorism Seminar for U.S Marshals
  • Brazil - Law Enforcement
  • executive protection course U.N. (ICTR) - Executive Protection training course
  • Latin America - Counter Terror & Anti Crime Course for Police unit
  • Japan - Executive Protection Course
  • china- Counter Terrorism Seminar for p.a.p
  • Latvia – Federal unit
  • Greece - Counter Terrorism unit
  • Mexico -Federal state Unit