Our specialties:

  • Communication systems, Infrastructure, Dedicated software development, Cameras
  • Body cameras- Smart cameras with real-time transmission.
  • Video analysis and facial recognition.
  • Rent and sell end equipment
  • Service array - supervision and co-handling of control systems and communication infrastructure. Service laboratories nationwide (in Israel).
  • Cyber ​​protection

Our Representatives

Dan Abitbol




Gabi Shmalo




YTCom is a leading provider of emergency communication infrastructures and technologies With over 25 years of proven experience.

Gil Hofmam

Vice President, YTCOM GROUP

Vice President


Retired IDF officer who currently serves as Director of Business Development in YTCOM GROUP.

Stav Vitkin

CMO, Ytcom Group


Ytcom Group

Company's Solutions

Communication systems:

  • Radio-based tactical communication systems.
  • Digital communication systems.
  • Cellular and IP based communication systems.
  • MCPTT compliant communication system.
  • Mediation and linkage systems between PTT technologies


  • Network design, layout and coverage
  • Construction, installation, deployment of antennas and masts
  • Nationwide deployment of communications infrastructure
  • Cellular: Private LTE network including G5
  • Cellular + Radio Testing Laboratories
  • IoT + IoT connection to system centers
  • Communication and control rooms
  • Dedicated software development:
  • Software development for different markets
  • Development of interfaces and integration of systems


  • Body cameras.
  • Smart cameras with real-time transmission.
  • Video analysis and facial recognition
  • Rent and sell end equipment:
  • Dedicated / rugged end equipment for DMR systems.
  • Dedicated / rugged end equipment for POC systems.
  • Accessories for end equipment.
  • Service and repair work.
  • Satellite devices and equipment.
  • Cyber ​​protection - Our company offers an active cover to protect the thing closest to you at all times, your mobile device.

Prominent Case Study

Magen David Adom (MDA Israel)

  • Designing a national digital contact system - DMR
  • Spectral planning
  • Setting up servers in an active configuration - stand-alone
  • Construction and installation of about 80 communication sites up to 100
  • Design and production and installation of racks
  • Installation of dozens Antennas and thousands of meters of cables at various sites
  • Installation of about 3000 devices in ambulances
  • Supply of about 4000 portable devices for volunteers
  • Establishment of NOC For monitoring and providing service and support

Editorial Board of the European Union

  • System design and spectral planning Relay deployment – in Israel and in the Palestinian Authority Installation of dozens of devices