The CommuniTake Intact Mobile Security platform unites military-grade security in affordable mobile devices, dramatically improves connected devices' security level, and lowers mobile IoT-grade deployments' implementation costs and risks.

CommuniTake specializes in tailored mobile devices, custom mobile operating systems, encryption technology, and remote access technologies, ensuring cutting-edge mobile security solutions.

Our Representatives

Noam Potter

CMO, CommuniTake Technologies


CommuniTake Technologies

Amit Bortz

sales manger, COMMUNITAKE

sales manger


Amit Bortz sales manger we specialize in providing tailer suite cellular network defense solation .

Company's Solutions

CommuniTake Technologies delivers a game-changing mobile security platform.

It natively integrates a specially manufactured mobile phone (The IntactPhone), custom-built security-rich OS, encrypted communications, OS-fused command and control center, threat detection, persistent VPN, antimalware, and network monitoring to provide organizations with powerful in-depth protection against mobile cyber-attacks.

The Intact Mobile Security platform offers a unique value proposition:

  1.  A unified solution built from the ground up - All the components are developed by CommuniTake with zero-day patches;
  2. Trusted components - Built on official firmware and device drivers with smart extensions for better security;
  3. Encrypted communications - Applies secure instant communications based on advanced encryption technology and unique features such as push-to-talk, self-burned messages, encrypted attachments, anonymous phone book, safe communication with regular phones, and more;
  4. OS-fused command and control center - Extends enterprise mobility defense capabilities with OS-based restrictions and monolithic built-on control without Google services that cannot be bypassed;
  5. Anti-eavesdropping functionality - Designed to protect against mobile eavesdropping via dedicated central use governance features;
  6. Threat detection and antimalware – Built-in advanced threat detection, antimalware and network monitoring for blocking and alerting on malicious attacks;
  7. Secure SIM card (optional) – Proprietary SIM card eliminating network-derived attack vectors.

Prominent Case Study

  • Creating an on-premises private network by leveraging a pre-configured server with connected, secure devices at a highly affordable cost.
  •  A hybrid delivery method combines secure devices for the executive level and an encrypted communications app for other professionals generating safe communication across the organization.
  • A custom-built secure device to the customer's specifications and requirements, providing an organization-specific solution without compromises.