Our Q-LOG HUMAN SIEM solution is The Next Generation of cyber security awareness training, setting a new standard, by adding 3 layers to the traditional awareness training:

  1. Analysis of information security events of the human factor.
  2. Personalized & customized awareness training.
  3. User permissions and blocks, automatically, according to the user's knowledge and behavioral habits.

Our Representatives

Limor Grossman

VP Sales&Marketing, CELESTYA

VP Sales&Marketing


I am Limor from Celestya company, the vendor of Q-LOG HUMAN SIEM, We have set a new standard for cyber security awareness training, by adding 3 layers: 1. Analysis of information se...

Company's Solutions

Q-LOG HUMAN SIEM is The Next Generation and Much More then cyber security Awareness training.

Q-LOG Solution Includes 9 modules:

  • The NEW Human Security Information Event Management Module (As described in the summary above)
  • E-MAil, SMS, WIFI & WEB Phishing simulation modules,
  • Generating open tutorials,
  • Interactive tutorials,
  • Distribution of pop-up questions / messages.

While existing products are comprehensive & uniform for all employees (= expensive operation),
Q-LOG awareness training is personalized & customized automatically, + The ability to block or extend permissions to the user, automatically, according to his knowledge and behavior habits in relation to the organizational policy.

Prominent Case Study

Examples of events and actions:

  • A user who tries to create a new password in accordance with the organization's policy and fails - will get a tutorial / explanation - how to create a correct password.
  • A user who typed a password on a form-type landing page in a phishing simulation - will have to change his password to the network.
  • A user who entered DOK 3 times contrary to the corporate policy - will be blocked until he successfully passes a course on removable media.
  • A user who tries to browse websites contrary to the policy - his access to the Internet will be restricted.
  • And many more.