Ovalsec is a cloud-base, fully automated EASM solution that provides continuous security, with extensive visibility and vulnerability detection.

Founded by hackers, we approach security from the outside in - always searching for new attack pathways that go wider and deeper. We focus our research on high impact vulnerabilities, helping to reduce noise, prevent alert fatigue and give you an advantage over your adversaries.

Our Representatives

Ben Hadad

Growth Director, Ovalsec

Growth Director


The IT ecosystem is constantly growing; attack surfaces become increasingly complex and dispersed. Most organizations lack the capabilities required to validate their security coverage ac...

Company's Solutions

We are helping organizations manage and secure their external attack surface, giving security teams the external POV, similar to how an attacker sees your organization from the outside.

Our customers successfully use Ovalsec to detect and mitigate high severity vulnerabilities. 

Simply by adding the main domain of your origination, Ovalsec will automatically discover and map all your external assets that belong to your origination and continuously scan them for high impact vulnerabilities.

Ovalsec operates in similar tactics and methodologies that a smart adversary uses when they approached to hack the organization from the outside, hence giving you the upper hand by keeping you one step ahead in real time, all the time!

Prominent Case Study

Approaching a very famous and highly used SaaS application, we were able to extract very sensitive data and documents from the organization without any integrations.

Doing this black-box methodology, we come from the outside and don't require any resources.