We are leaders in the Homeland Security field, manufacturing emergency, rescue, and detection systems including sirens, sophisticated detection systems, and search and rescue systems.

Our widely-used solutions are approved by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and by Israeli security forces, rescue teams, and civil safety and rescue organization teams.

Our systems are cost-effective, user-friendly, designed for heavy duty use in harsh environment

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Norberto Hiablochnik

Business Development M..., Elpam Electronics Ltd.

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Elpam Electronics Ltd.

Company's Solutions

TPL - Trapped Person Locator

The compact system is task-oriented and thus easily implemented and operated, even by users with very little training.
Typical applications range from detecting and pinpointing the location of trapped persons above and below ground, in locations with no normal access, such as buildings and structures that collapsed as a result of natural or manmade disasters. The working assumption is that the trapped persons are alive and able to provide a minimal response to calls or knocking.

EL - 3000 Alert community of upcoming aggressive events

The EL3000 high-power electronic siren system is an acoustic warning system used to provide warnings of emergency states. The EL3000 is designed to satisfy warning and notification requirements for civil defense and military facilities, and as a public address system.

HHMD - Hand Held Metal Detector

Our portable state-of-the-art HHMD detects metallic threats. It is easy to hold and operate, and its detection sensitivity is very stable. It is not affected by changes in temperature or low battery power. It detects metallic threats such as weapons hidden on the human body, in packages, etc.

Prominent Case Study

Elpam Electronics has a vast list of satisfied customer, most of them cannot be disclosed.

For general information we can state that Elpam Electronics have installed and provides maintenance service to over and above 70 % of the Sirens in the Israeli Market.