CybergymIEC provides a suite of cutting-edge training solutions, defense products, and value-added services, based on knowhow and technology that has proven effective in defending and securing the infrastructure of one of the most-targeted companies - the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC). These solutions enable the critical infrastructure sector to prepare its people, products, and processes for the next attack.

Our Representatives

Meir Kaufman

Director of Cyber Part..., CybergymIEC

Director of Cyber Partnerships


CybergymIEC, is the ONLY Critical Infrastructure-native cyber defense company. We provide a comprehensive suite of training-experience solutions, defense products, value-added services...

Barak Davidovich

Marketing & Business D..., CybergymIEC

Marketing & Business Director


Ahmad Alkhatib

Regional Sales Director, CybergymIEC

Regional Sales Director


A comprehensive suite of cutting-edge training solutions, defense products, and value-added services.

Company's Solutions

CybergymIEC has an end-to-end cyber defense offering that includes: Training, Defense Solutions, and Value-Added Services.

Extensive Training Options

Leveraging our vast experience in the critical infrastructure sector, CybergymIEC emulates your network environment, security and technology configuration, and the exact threat model that you face. Our extensive range of training programs include: Cybersecurity Awareness, Cyber Crisis Management for Executives, Essential Incident Response Tactics, Advanced Digital Forensics, Advanced SOC-Intrusion Detection, and more.

Unique Methodology

Delivered through a combination of classroom-taught theory, lab training, and emulations of real-world attacks (APTs), the hands-on CybergymIEC methodology has been proven to be the most effective way of building the skills of technical and cyber security personnel in the critical infrastructure sector.

Defense Solutions

Developed with the sole purpose of protecting a leading critical infrastructure company, our cyber defense and resilience solutions are based on vast, real-life, day-to-day experience, gained in a challenging geopolitical environment.

Value-Added Services

As both a heavily-targeted organization and a cyber defense company, we apply our own knowledge and best practices to help you validate and build your in-house cyber defense capabilities. Through testing, analysis, and evaluation of your organization’s cyber strategies and technologies, we help you identify and close any gaps that attackers could exploit. Our value-added services include - Crisis Management and Incident Response Services, Vulnerability Assessment, Rapid Cyber Maturity Assessment (RCMA), SOC-as-a-Service, Secure Code Review, and Penetration Testing.

Prominent Case Study

Background - With 12,000 employees and divisions in 14 countries across four continents, EDP is the third largest electricity production company in the world. In 2014, following an in-depth survey of available cybersecurity training solutions, EDP decided to establish an in-house cyber- training facility, dedicated exclusively to training its workforce, and selected CybergymIEC to partner in this initiative.

Solution – CybergymIEC designed and built a customized training Arena for EDP. Connected to our global cyberwarfare network, this enterprise-owned CYBERGROUND incorporates technologies, training packages and attack scenarios, together with additional control centers (NOC, SOC), that emulate EDP’s actual infrastructure.

Results - The Arena has been operational for over 8 years, run jointly by a local team and CybergymIEC’s Red Team of offensive cyber experts. In that time, EDP’s cyber-awareness, and defense and mitigation skills have significantly improved, and over 1,000 technology professionals, general employees and executives have been 'Cyber' qualified.