Founded by former Israeli intelligence experts, PICSIX manufactures and develops its own products, delivering custom-tailored solutions to best meet agencies’ tactical intelligence needs. PICSIX combines operational experience with a deep understanding of complex communication technologies to provide specialized cellular traffic monitoring products. PICSIX is both an agile innovator and a heavy hitter, successfully servicing agencies worldwide.

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Yaron Windmiller


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Roey Nir

Sales Manager, PICSIX

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Company's Solutions

Picsix develops cutting-edge interception technologies around the world. Our technologies combat terrorism, drug & human trafficking and help keep the world a safer place.

Tactical Vehicle Operations - A vehicle equipped with tactical systems enables law enforcement agencies the flexibility and versatility they need in carrying out tactical intelligence operations.

Border Patrol - Drug smuggling, human smuggling, illegal immigration and more. Over the years, PICSIX has gained vast experience in the field of intelligence gathering in sophisticated border areas.

Airports - Utilizing PICSIX tactical systems as well as PICSIX open-source intelligence tools can provide real time intelligence and alerts regarding incoming and outgoing passengers.

Search and Rescue - When it comes to the thin line between life and death, using the most cutting-edge technology can be a difference maker.

Prisons - Prisons all over the world are infested with illegally smuggled cellular devices. Incarcerated criminals continue to manage criminal organizations from within their prison cells. Prisons can address this growing problem in a few different manners.