For more than 60 years Israel shipyards serves Naval and Commercial marine industry. The shipyard is an internationally known as a top-quality industry that design and build Naval vessels for the Israeli Navy and customers around the world.

Israel shipyards is a one-stop-shop company that embraced to deliver top solutions for a variety of missions by having all the necessary disciplines.

Company's Solutions

Israel Shipyards in-house development based on experienced, top scaled ex-Israeli Navy engineers, managers, and production team enables the company to design, manufacture and deliver turnkey projects to customers' specifications and demands by utilizing the Navy’s shared combat experience portfolio and its access to the latest defence technologies in the customized planning of every new vessel and repair project.

Customers also benefit from a dedication to uncompromising quality, lifetime support, and competitive pricing. Israel Shipyards is also offering the option of Transfer of Technology packages as well as financial support to its customers. Our projects are tailored to the customer’s requirements from the weapons suite and machinery systems up to the number of bunks and the gally equipment mounted on the vessel.

In addition to this, as part of our involvement in the Israeli defence community, our projects are equipped with state-of-the-art Israeli combat systems and sensors turning them into the most mission-ready and cost-effective vessels.

Israel Shipyards top priority is our customers satisfaction; therefore, we strive to provide a complete, integrated system, quickly and flexibly. We supply the vessel as well as all the systems required for installation on the vessel according to the demand.

Our products – which are of the highest quality and rapidly delivered – are tailor-made according to the unique needs and requirements of our customers.

Our service allows the customer to select the most convenient and economical option for the long and short term. We are aiming to be a leading supplier and partner to the African countries and supporting their efforts for increasing their capabilities for self and local vessels construction and maintenance.