SCADAfence, the global technology leader in OT & IoT cybersecurity, enables organizations with complex OT networks to embrace the benefits of industrial IoT by reducing cyber risks and mitigating operational threats.

Their non-intrusive solutions provide full coverage of large-scale networks, offering best-in-class detection accuracy, asset discovery and governance with minimal false-positives.

Our Representatives

Michael Yehoshua

VP of Global Marketing, SCADAfence

VP of Global Marketing


We provide OT Security for critical infrastructure.

Company's Solutions

The SCADAfence Platform - An industrial cybersecurity solution that provides visibility and monitoring for ICS/SCADA networks. The platform automates asset discovery and inventory management, as well as threat detection and risk management. By employing a wide range of algorithms, machine learning and AI, the platform detects anomalies and security events that can compromise availability and affect the safety and reliability of the OT network and its assets.

The SCADAfence Governance Portal - Measures compliance and monitors the progress made over time across all sites. It identifies all of the gaps and bottlenecks and allows users to generate systematic strategies to improve their organizational security at scale. The platform enables the IT and OT departments to centrally define and monitor the organizational adherence to organizational policies and to OT related regulations.

The SCADAfence MultiSite Portal - Is highly scalable and can support up to hundreds of distributed locations managed centrally via the multi-site portal. Data from all sites is centrally aggregated, including full asset inventory, traffic and alerts data.

Workflows such as alert handling and central site configuration are also available. All updates in the center are automatically pushed to the managed locations.

Prominent Case Study

Hack The Port 2022 is a competition sponsored by U.S. Cyber Command, the NSA, and the Maryland Innovation & Security Institute (MISI), that simulated a real-world attempt to compromise the security of a functional maritime port in the United States.

SCADAfence was one of the competition’s “blue teams” who acted as defenders of the port against the “red teams” who were invited to attempt to compromise the port’s technological security infrastructure.

This Case Study details the success of SCADAfence in successfully defending the port against the attacks.

Learn how we discovered:

Immediately knowing when red teams launched new attacks against the port.
Defended against a wide variety of standard hacker methods including Metasploits, DCSync Attacks, and brute force attacks.

Detected attackers attempting to sent start/stop commands to PLCs, and compromise domain controllers.
Proved the SCADAdence Platform can protect against Log4J attacks.

Impressed event organizers who said, “The SCADAfence blue team provided the most comprehensive reporting details…with the fewest false positives.”

Case Study: