With over 29 years of activity, we have met hundreds of customers and executed thousands of successful projects around the globe. These projects include large development projects, high volume production as well as small and individual designs.

Our research and development engineers are ready to offer designing services for any type of carrying solution you wish to design for any military, para-military, security, Police or any other industrial

Our Representatives

Dan Kaliski

Global marketing, Marom dolphin

Global marketing

Marom dolphin

Tim Hanovich

Marketing Manager, Marom Dolphin Ltd.

Marketing Manager

Marom Dolphin Ltd.

Founded in 1993, Marom Dolphin produces ergonomic carrying solutions essential for any task. With hundreds of pleased customers and thousands of successful projects around the globe, we ...

Company's Solutions

Our company specializes in providing carrying solutions for the tactical field

Prominent Case Study

Marom dolphin is the main supplier to the Israeli armed forces.