KAZUAR is a daring deep-tech company that recognized early on that state-level cyber threats pose grave danger to governments and businesses, while the market is failing to adequately address these dangers. KAZUAR developed a one-of-a-kind technology that secures both hardware and software and provides state-level security with convenient user experience and complete mobility for commercial use.

Our Representatives

Daniella Perlstein

Director of Marketing, KAZUAR

Director of Marketing


Mulli Diamant

VP Sales & Marketing, KAZUAR

VP Sales & Marketing


I joined KAZUAR as VP Sales a year ago. Coming back to Israel after 22 years in the US where I co-founded a world-leading VMS company. I was looking for the company that would change the ...

Ilan Levanon

Tech, Kazuar



Company's Solutions

The KAZUAR solution creates a secure and confidential workspace for your organization's most critical data, by providing hardware and software separated workspaces. These workspaces are created and accessed with the KAZUAR-Inside laptop, which empowers your high risk, highly targeted users to securely access your organization’s most critical data from remote.
This is the only solution today that enables secure and convenient access to your most sensitive data from anywhere at anytime.

The KAZUAR proprietary technology "creates a new playing field" which enables organizations to be inherently protected from state-grade cyber threats, including for working under compromise or insider information leaks.

The Kazway Solution:

The Kazway is a powerfully secure and cryptographically separated access gateway to your business data center providing trusted and confidential communication under compromised conditions. The Kazway solution can be accessed only with the KAZUAR-Inside laptop.

The KAZUAR-Inside laptop:

The KAZUAR-Inside laptop contains 2 different computer systems inside to create 2 hardware isolated workspaces. The laptop enables access to 2 separated workspaces: the open (blue) workspace and the secure (black) workspace.

A simple click on the KAZUAR Button, located on the laptop keyboard, switches between the workspaces.

The Secure (Black) workspace is an encrypted and sterile workspace using separate processors, hardware and software. It enables secure remote access to the organization sensitive data.

The Open (Blue) workspace is an open workspace just like any regular laptop with all functionalities where users can browse the internet, send emails and be connected according to company policy.

The KAZUAR-Inside hardware provides future-proof protection unavailable today by any other solution.