GemmaCert PRO is an instant cannabis & hemp potency testing device developed by industry leaders in Israel.

The proprietary technology combines NIR Spectroscopy with image analysis, machine learning, and motion mechanics.

Our Representatives

Avi Rosenbaum

Business Development, GemmaCert

Business Development


Matan Yonas

CEO, Gemmacert



Rami Nathan

Commander (ret), Consu..., GemmaCert

Commander (ret), Consultant


Company's Solutions

The GC PRO can identify and confirm cannabis chemical constituents in a matter of minutes allowing law enforcement and customs officials to distinguish between legal & illegal (THC <0.3%>) substances with ease in the field.

The GC Pro is:

  • Extremely easy and fast to operate without any technical knowledge required.
  • Non-destructive: ie, the sample tested is not harmed or affected in any way.
  • Calibrated to an ISO 17025-certified HPLC for lab-grade accuracy.
  • Versatile with the ability to test multiple types of material (Whole Flower, Ground Material, and Ethanol Based Extract)
  • Portable with a custom Pelican case for secure usage in the field.

The GemmaCert will be valued by all law enforcement agencies, federal and state for in-field testing. All that is needed to run tests is an android or ios device with an internet connection (wifi or mobile data). All tests are saved in cloud storage for viewing at a later stage.