Alethia-Intelligence by Eye-Minders helps clients overcome a variety of human related threats by identifying truthfulness (HLS, Cyber, LEA).

It combines innovative deep-technology, eye-analysis and AI. The system was validated and endorsed by opinion leaders & clients (defense & civilian). Aletheia is the only system that reached 95% accuracy. Its fast (takes minutes), objective, none-intrusive and does not require an expert examiner.

Our Representatives

Efrat Greenberg

Chief Business Officer, Eye-Minders

Chief Business Officer


Eye-Minders' mission is to enhance safety and improve life-quality for everyone everywhere. Alethia Intelligence AI by Eye-Minders helps customers overcome a variety of challenges and...

Gal Hamburger

Business Development, Eye-Minders

Business Development


Eye-Minders' mission is to enhance safety and improve life-quality for everyone everywhere. Alethia Intelligence AI by Eye-Minders helps customers overcome a variety of challenges and...

Arik Lilling

VP Humint, Eye-Minders

VP Humint


As VP Humint at Eye-Minders, Arik translates customer's security and human intelligence requirements into Eye-Minders technology. Honorably discharged after 25 years of field service ...

Company's Solutions

Insider Threat Detection and Prevention

Protect organization and its assets with a quick and 95% reliable assessment of personnel from hire to exit, as well as subcontractors and suppliers. Topics include credibility, integrity, compliance, security clearance, professional track record and more. Easily integrates into existing processes such as cyber risk assessment, incident response, periodic compliance and security evaluation, candidate screening and more.

Border Crossing Traveler’s Risk Assessment

Identify travelers who do not comply with border crossing regulations with a fast, comprehensive, 95% accurate and scalable assessment that fully respects privacy rights and improves traveler’s experience. Topics include security, identity, immigration, customs, health and more in the traveler’s native language. Easily integrates to existing airport and authorities’ processes, providing an important tool in data-driven decision making at a critical point – border crossing.

Correctional Facility Security & Intelligence Assessment

Enhance supervision and rehabilitation efficiency of prisoners and parolees with a fast and 95% reliable assessment to detect none-compliance of parolees, prisoners, visitors, and personnel. Topics include none-compliance of parolee conditions, discovery of prohibited items within the prison, smuggling of prohibited items, intent to commit riots, escape and more.

Prominent Case Study

The Challenge:

The borders control organization was facing a flood of foreign passengers, declaring that they arrive as tourists, while their intention was to illegally work in the country. Even after a comprehensive screening & interview process by immigration agents, many of the foreign passengers overstayed their tourist visa and never left the country. In addition, the lengthy process created long queues & a questionable experience, especially for those who came as real tourists.

The Solution:

The borders control organization conducted a successful pilot using Aletheia to screen foreign passengers. Hundreds of passengers were screened by the system. Deployment of Aletheia in the existing process made it more efficient:

  • Fast, objective, and accurate (92% accuracy) detection of traveler's real intentions
  • Detection of travelers with fake documentation and smuggler
  • Expediting the screening process by focusing investigations
  • Decreasing workload on Immigration Authority teams
  • Shorter queues, and reduced passengers waiting time
  • Overall passenger experience was improved

Customer's Quote:

“You enabled us to do digitized questioning, while showing us a vision for the future… I have no doubt that the foundations we built together will pioneer a new workflow in our field, and those similar to us”
Senior Manager, Immigration & Borders Control Authority