Wave Guard Technologies is the leading expert in extracting and analyzing big data geo-location information from cellular networks and providing advanced insight and analysis tools for homeland security organizations, emergency services, and government entities.

Founded in 2009, Wave Guard is a field-proven software company with several approved patents, installed and operated by LEA's world wide

Our Representatives

Yariv Shamir

VP Products, Wave Guard technologies

VP Products

Wave Guard technologies

Eran Drukman

VP Sales & Marketing, Wave Guard Technologies

VP Sales & Marketing

Wave Guard Technologies

Waveguard is a provider of Mass Geolocation and cellular activity analysis solution. The system can monitor unlimited amount of targets in Realtime and provides comprehensive intelligence...

Rotem Cohen Gabay

Director of operations, WAVE GUARD TECHNOLOGIES

Director of operations


Company's Solutions


Tracer provides an innovative and powerful paradigm for mobile-based geo location and tracking. Tracer converts raw cellular network data into actionable real-time intelligence, tracking voice calls, SMS, data applications and many more non-call events with extremely high accuracy.

The Tracer is a strategic solution, tracking the location of each and every subscriber in the network at any given moment and storing the data in its big data database.

The insights provided by the Tracer are the next generation in Mass target location providing insights Intelligence & LEA organization never had before.


Artemis is a sensors based network, which detects any specific individual (including roamers) within its range in real time. The ranges of a single Artemis sensor can be configured according to the operative needs: They can be set to monitor a very short range (0.5 meter) allowing the pinpoint detection of specific devices in a very small area of interest. Alternatively, they can be set to an area of several dozens of kilometers – allowing Artemis sensors network to monitor in real time hundreds of kilometers (such as borders, strategic facilities etc).

Artemis does not require any connectivity to the cellular providers and can even be deployed in areas with no cellular coverage or power lines.

Prominent Case Study

The system is being used successfully by Law Enforcement Agencies in the last year for investigating criminal cases. Solved few murderer cases.

The system is also monitoring borders area detecting drug smugglers and terrorists group activity.