Corsound provides accurate, quick-performing voice biometrics solutions for government security and call centers.
Corsound is the first and only company to generate an estimated image of an individual simply by listening to a few seconds of their voice.

Corsound supports multi-language, synthetic speech detection and is capable of performing large-scale many-to-many searches to help law agencies quickly respond in mission critical situations.

Our Representatives

Barak Deri

CEO, Corsound



Robin Bortz

VP Business Development, Corsound AI

VP Business Development

Corsound AI

Corsound provides accurate, voice biometrics solutions government security, authenticating people while stopping fraud and supporting multi-language with the ability to deal with noisy en...

Company's Solutions

Voice biometric authentication

  • Creation of a voiceprint based on audio from a person
  • Authentication of a person comparing audio to voiceprint which was created

Fraud detection

  • Compare audio to a list of known fraudsters
  • Detect synthetic speech

Voice Investigation

  • Search for a suspect from a large database of audio files
  • Compare a list of fraudsters to a large database of audio files

Face generation

  • Generate an image of a person with just a few seconds of audio
  • Compare generated image of individual to a database of images to check the probability of the presence of that person.

Prominent Case Study

Corsound support the following use cases:

  • 911
  • Jails & Prisons
  • Intelligence
  • Financial, Insurence & Telecommunications call centers
  • Healthcare call center & Remote care