The V-ALERT Perimeter Intrusion Detection System is a versatile ELECTRONIC SENSOR based PERIMETER INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEM, providing integrated OUTDOOR SECURITY SOLUTIONS on all types of fences, walls (above & below-ground) and solid structures.

The V-ALERT sensor provides PINPOINT ALARM DETECTION to the level of each sensor.

Proven and reliable technology installed world-wide in a wide range of applications.

Our Representatives

Martin Kowen

Export Director, G.M Afcon Security LP

Export Director

G.M Afcon Security LP

Export Director of GM AFCON , manufacturing PERIMETER INTRUSION DETECTION SYSTEMS with over 25 years experience in the Perimeter Security Fencing market. Our company is exhibiting at the ...

Asaf Bardavid

VP Marketing, GMafcon

VP Marketing


GM Security has over 20 years experience in the development, supply and installation of advanced technologies used in a wide range of applications in the Perimeter Security Market, protec...

Gili Malec

Managing Director, G.M Afcon Security LP

Managing Director

G.M Afcon Security LP

GM AFCON develops and markets Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems for the protection of Critical Infrastructure, International Borders, HLS facilities, Ports and Airports and Civilian S...

Company's Solutions

The technology provides proven integrated security solutions for a wide range of CRITICAL INFRA-STRUCTURE applications that includes:

  • International Borders (installed and approved by the IDF for Israeli borders)
  • Port and International Airports
  • Solar Farms and Solar Panels
  • Cellular and Communication Base Stations
  • Water, Gas & Electricity Utilities
  • Medical Cannabis Plantations
  • Oil and Gas Installations
  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Sites
  • Military Bases and high risk Sites

V-Alert is easily integrated with CCTV systems, directing the camera to the exact point of intrusion.

The V-Alert Sensor detection levels is easily calibrated to ensure operation at the highest possible detection levels specific to the security needs of the site.

Prominent Case Study

The V-Alert Sensor system has been approved by the IDF for the protection of Israel's Borders as well as the protection of Military Bases and Towns and Villages in high risk areas.\

The approval was based on high level and extensive testing to ensure the system met extremely high security demands of the IDF.

V-Alert is a reliable perimeter security solution operating in diverse and extreme weather conditions and is installed extensively on Israel's Borders.